• Name: Tennessee
  • Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
  • Coat: Medium
  • Colour: Orange and White Tabby
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Age: Approx 5 Years Old (DOB Dec 2015)
  • June 12, 2021

About Tennessee

This handsome ginger boy is one of the most affectionate cats I’ve ever met. When I began fostering him in January, he was friendly and cuddly straight away, and has become increasingly affectionate as he’s gotten more comfortable. He spends most of his time snoozing in various adorable positions, but has some good play time every day as well.

Tennessee is quite content to bat toys around and play by himself, but also loves to chase a fishing rod style toy. He’s quite vocal, with some meows when I get home and endless purring when he’s getting cuddles. If he’s on my lap while I’m having a video call for work, my coworkers can often hear him through my headset. If I did not have future plans that would be extremely difficult with a pet, Tennessee may very well have been a foster fail.

Tennessee has been diagnosed with FIV which means he is immune compromised so his owner would just have to be extra vigilant if he gets an infection or gets sick as his immune system is not as strong as a non FIV cat. We have two other FIV cats in our care and they are healthy and doing well, one is quite overweight and is on a diet! Our Veterinarian advises that “that FIV is primarily spread by bite wound during cat fights. Does not survive outside the cat for long. FIV positive cats can live with negative cats provided there is no fighting. There would be minimal risk to the negative cat.” Tennessee recently had dental work.

Please refer to CCAR ID# C20-259 when inquiring about Tennessee.

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