Caring for our foster animals requires a lot of time, love, money, and supplies. Donations of the following items will help us with their day-to-day care.

The supplies listed below are always in demand and are used to keep our cats/kittens and the occasional dog fed, comfortable and entertained. These include:

Food & Litter
• Cat and dog food, both dry and canned, unopened
(We use Go dry food and almost any kind of wet food for the adult cats)
• Clumping clay litter for cats
• Wheat-based or non-clumping clay litter for kittens

• Washable cat/dog beds, small or medium size
• Heating pads in good working order
• Clean towels
• Kitty litter pans – any size, ideally with covers
• Litter scoops, large ones
• Stainless-steel food bowls
• Ceramic pet food bowls, small size
• Pet crates
• Scratching posts and boards
• Toys

Office Supplies
• White 8.5 x 11 printer paper
• Printer cartridges (please let us know if you can donate these and we will tell you what kind)

Cleaning Supplies
• Bleach
• Paper towels
• Laundry detergent
• Dishwashing liquid
• Detergent for an automatic dishwasher


• Yarn, catnip and fiberfill for making catnip mice
• Handmade art, crafts and goods to be sold at various events
• Collectibles, vintage, new or gently used merchandise with resale value