Our Sponsors

Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue is very grateful to the Provincial Government’s Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch for the financial support we have received in 2013 and 2014. We are hopeful that we will receive a similar grant in 2015 and will know in the next few weeks whether we have been successful. The funds received go directly towards our spay/neuter/vaccine/and general veterinary costs which are substantial. The grants made a huge difference to our ability to help more animals receive quality veterinary care, as well as help control the breeding of felines especially. It is gratifying that that a Government is recognizing the contributions made by small, grass roots charities and helping to support them.

image711 A Broughton Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 386-4466
Susan Baker the many years, every penny that Susan has made from selling her artwork, and it is not an insubstantial sum, has been donated to CCAR.
4 - 2353 Bevan Avenue
Sidney BC
(250) 656-6977
475 - 777 Royal Oak Drive
Victoria BC
(250) 744-1500
Donates or discounts the cost of a wide range of veterinary services, supplies, food, crates, flea treatments, etc.