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Cat's Cradle Animal Rescue was founded to rescue, rehabilitate, spay / neuter, and re-home distressed, abandoned, or neglected cats and dogs considered un-adoptable by reason of health, age, appearance, or temperament. We operate in Victoria BC, and the surrounding municipalities of the Capital Regional District, including Sidney and the Saanich Peninsula. We do not have a shelter. All animals that come into our care are placed in foster homes until they are adopted. The society is a non-profit organization. The society's operating funds are donated by individuals and corporations, or result from our fundraising efforts.

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Posted by Cat's Cradle Animal Rescue on Saturday, July 26, 2014

CCAR is really struggling financially and we are seriously in the red right now. One of our volunteers is funding CCAR out of personal funds in order to ensure that the cats in our care continue to be well cared for.

However, we are having to turn people away who request our help. Last week, a mom and three kittens were spotted near a house on West Saanich Road. The mom appeared to have an injured paw. We had to send them elsewhere as we do not have the funds to help. We are having to limit vet visits to only emergency type situations and this is really difficult for those of us who are caring for cats.

The purpose of this posting is to ask if everyone who Likes us on Facebook would donate on a monthly basis. Just $5 a month would give us a monthly income of over $6,000. which will go a long way towards keeping CCAR viable. This money can be donated through Canada Helps on our website and is a completely painless procedure. Please give this some consideration and help us to continue to help the animals who needs us. We can’t take needy animals from anywhere right now and we all worry about what will happen to them, especially those at Animal Control and the CRD.

So, if you can see your way clear to doing this, it would be a huge help. We are ramping up our fund raising and grant requests but we need a lot of money to keep doing what we want to do. You really can help with just a $5 a month commitment, $60 a year. It will go a long way to helping us continue if we get regular monthly donations like this.

Thank you for your support.


Posted by Kim on Friday, June 20, 2014
Summer Sizzlers
June 21st Heralds The Official Arrival of Summer

"You don't think about it because you have shoes on. When you are in the parking lot chatting with a friend, or loading your shopping into your car, or you stop on the street to chat with someone and your dog is pulling and jumping, don't scold them, their paws are BURNING up! Goes for crossing streets too. Let your dog walk on grass if possible.


Posted by on Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Broadmead Veterinary Clinic Extends Hours
Now Open Weekends

If like many people you find it awkward to take your furry friend to the vet on weekdays, fret no more. Broadmead Veterinary Clinic has extended their hours and are now also open on Saturday and Sunday.

Broadmead Village Veterinary Clinic (2001) Ltd.
Suite 240 – 777 Royal Oak Drive, Victoria, BC V8X 4V1
(250) 744-1500


Posted by on Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Update for Darby & Grey

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Darby and Grey have now been adopted… together!
We couldn't be happier as these two old boys have been together all their lives, so to have possibly seen them split up would have been heart-wrenching. A huge thank you goes out to the adopters who were willing to see past their age and fell in love with their personalities.
Darby and Grey were rescued from the Humane Society in Calgary approximately 12 years ago. They moved to Victoria with their owners 5 years ago and planned on staying with them for life. However, circumstances have changed and these two beautiful boys now need a new home.

Please see our Adult Cats page for more information.


Posted by Joan on Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Anonymous donations

Many thanks to those people who wish to donate and remain anonymous. Cat's Cradle receives many generous gifts from those who don't want any acknowledgement.
If you are one of those please accept this as a very large THANK YOU for what you have done. It is truly appreciated by all.


Posted by on Saturday, December 14, 2013
Honk If You Love Cats

On any cold night, but particularly in the winter, many cats seek refuge inside cars to protect themselves from the cold and rain. From sleeping on top of the tires, to climbing up in the engines they are simply trying to stay warm. Depending on where the cat has climbed up to, by the time you start your engine it is too late for them to escape. Please give your horn a quick HONK before starting your engine this winter… your neighbours might think you are nuts, but you might save the life of a kitty.


Posted by Beverly on Tuesday, December 03, 2013
Can you spare some time
to walk two small dogs?

A good friend and supporter of CCAR has asked if we could post a request to see if someone who lives in the Colwood area is able to take two small dogs for a daily afternoon walk while their owner is at work. Of course, she is willing to pay for this service. She is concerned as the dogs have to be left on their own for up to ten hours and she would like to get something in place for their sake. If you would like to find out more about this, please contact Debbie at 656-7231 between 8:30am and 4:30pm.


Posted by Beverly on Monday, December 02, 2013
I have a dire situation with a cat
and hope that someone out there can help this cat

We have a cat named Gee Gee (aka Olive) who is a large grey female cat who I think came from the CRD Pound close to a year ago. From day one, this girl disliked me intensely and I think it was, amongst other things perhaps, largely due to the fact that she doesn't care for other cats and guess what, I smell of a lot of cats I am sure. Gee Gee went to a foster home with Emma and she did well there but Emma moved on and then Gee Gee went to a foster home with Judy and she did well there for a time but then developed interstitial cystitis which is painful and uncomfortable but can be controlled easily by medication. For a number of reasons, Judy was unable to keep her and she ended up back at my house. I have her in a room with no other cats that has been cleaned carefully but I have no doubt she is aware of the cats around although she has not been reacting too badly. Unfortunately, Gee Gee still hates me and I can't get near her to give her medication. She was eating well for a couple of days, the last two days, she hasn't eaten and I can't force feed her or medicate her. She is doubtless in pain and this is why she is not eating.

If anyone out there has a laundry room or somewhere similar that we can put Gee Gee in for a short term until we get her cystitis under control, please, please let me know. Ideally, you won't have any cats or maybe just one or two at the most. I am hoping that in this kind of environment, Gee Gee will be able to be medicated (it is a drug you rub onto her ear so easy to do) and we can get her comfortable and hopefully she will eat. If she doesn't eat in the next few days, she will go into Hepatic Lipidosis and there is nothing we can do for her short of a feeding tube which is not an option for her at this point since she won't let me near her. BTW, I had two volunteers try and interact with her yesterday and still no luck. I think it is just the environment here.

If we can't come up with something short term for Gee Gee in the next day or two, we will have to euthanize this poor girl. She is in pain, but will not allow me to do anything about that (when she hisses at me, I do shoot pain meds into her mouth but this is not treating the cystitis, just making her more comfortable). I don't want to end her life because of this, but as Dr. Wilson says, if we can't medicate her and she is in constant pain, then it is not fair to her. I want to give her a chance and am pleading with anyone who is reading this who thinks they may be able to help Gee Gee, to let me know. Please call me at 250-655-6451 if you can help her.


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