How to Adopt

Cats Cradle requires of it’s Adopters:

Prior to Adoption:

Every animal that comes into our care is thoroughly checked by a veterinarian. If not already done, animals of more than 6 months of age are spayed/neutered.

We are usually unaware of vaccination histories, so we assume that if an animal is already spayed/neutered when it joins us, it will already have had its initial course of vaccinations, and we provide only a booster shot in that case. If it is not spayed/neutered, we assume that the animal has received NO shots ever and it receives a full round of vaccinations. If the animal is in our care for more than 4 weeks after that initial shot, we supply the required booster.

All kittens and puppies will receive their first shot, a booster (if still in our care at the end of 4 weeks), and a certificate for spaying/neutering and microchipping when the animal is old enough (approximately 6 months). All animals receive a dose of a worming and flea treatment and a further dose of worming medication if required after two weeks.

The adoption fee for kittens is $250. The adoption fees for cats varies depending upon the age of the cat. Payments can be made in cash, by cheque or by using your VISA or Mastercard.

Our adoption process is:

Things to consider before adopting:

In order to adopt an animal, you must:

In addition to the above, to adopt a dog you must also: