• Name: Gus + Griffin
  • Breed: Domestic Long Hair
  • Coat: Long
  • Colour: Grey and Brown Tabbies
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Age: Two Years Old (DOB June 11, 2021)
  • December 16, 2023

About Gus + Griffin

Griffen and Gus are handsome laid-back dudes. They both have eyes that stop you in your tracks. Griffin has these yellow serious eyes that contrast with his steel grey fur and Gus has these imploring, inquisitive eyes that literally talk to you when you look at him. They have come from some sort of hoarding situation, and when they arrived at my house, they hid as far away from me as possible. Now they greet and rub against my legs, walk in front of my work computer and chat at me while I’m working. They groom each other, often sleep together and have developed a real penchant for play time. They love their meals and equally love their treats which is when I give them neck scratches which makes them now purr. They have come such a long way. They do curl up next to me when the tv is on but they are not lap cats yet.

These two lovely boys are bonded and must be adopted together. They start out very shy when moved into a new environment. We believe that they will thrive in a quiet home with their person or persons that are extremely patient and will allow them lots of time to gain their confidence. We’ve found that sitting with them and letting them do their own thing has really helped them to gain their confidence and develop their playful personalities.

Gus and Griffin’s CCAR ID#s are PR23-121/124.