New adoption procedures

Posted on April 5, 2021

We are revamping our system of adoptions and will be posting our available cats and kittens on our website and accept applications for these animals. Applications will be reviewed by our team of dedicated volunteers and they will select the most appropriate and suitable applicant to contact and arrange a short interview, either via Facetime or by phone call. Please note that if you do not hear from us, it does not mean that you are not approved for adoption, but that you have not been selected to meet the particular cat/kitten you expressed an interest in. If you see another cat or kitten you are interested in within 30 days of submitting your original application, please let us know by contacting and advising us of who you are interested in and that your application should be on file.

We will not have a waiting list and you will not be contacted to match you up with an animal. Any existing applicants who have been told they are on a waiting list will not be contacted and it is up to you to contact us if you see an animal you are interested in.  All applications will be purged after 30 days and you will have to submit a new application. 

We are making these changes to make it easier on our overworked volunteers.