• Name: Zena
  • Breed: domestic
  • Coat: short haired
  • Colour: tabby with white
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Female
  • Spayed/Neutered: No
  • Age: 7 wks; DOB: 10May20
  • July 3, 2020

About Zena

Zena is a wonderful little kitten.  She is mostly all soft white fur with a couple of little spots and her head and tail are tabby.  She also has the prettiest blue-green eyes.  Her favourite things are eating, sleeping, playing and cuddling.  She has many toys she likes to play with, but her faves are her ball on a string and crumpled up paper balls.  She runs around and around until she’s all tired out then she comes over and asks for a cuddle.  When you pick her up she purrs and purrs and falls asleep all snuggled up to you or beside you on the couch.  Zena takes sleeping very seriously and doesn’t even notice if you move her, but when she wakes up and she’s hungry she’ll let you know (she has a very healthy appetite).  She is a little shy with new people until they pat her and then they are her very best friends.  Other than her sisters she hasn’t ever met any other animals but she likes to play with her sisters and would probably quickly get used to a buddy in a new home. (CCAR ID: C20-090)