• Name: Sal (Sally)
  • Breed: domestic
  • Coat: short haired
  • Colour: black and white
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Spayed/Neutered: No
  • Age: 2.5 mnth; DOB: 21Mar22
  • August 8, 2022

About Sal (Sally)

My name is Sal (Sally). I am a very elegant looking cat with an exquisite physique and 2 white pom poms for cheeks. I have a charming personality and devour affection.

I’m very affectionate – I demand all hands (and eyes) on deck – and if I see you look at another cat during that time I will meow and paw-bomp you back to work. Sometimes I will even pick up your hand in my mouth. During cuddle time, I’ll try to guide you to my enclosed cat bed where I can suckle the wool sheep fur insert and really dig into baking cookies. I know you love me when you brush me daily — I love big soft brushes and hard scratchy brushes too.

I’m very chatty – and I love to chat to foster and fost-furr sibling with my meows-Time to eat, wrong food, balcony time, bird toy time, litter box time, come here, pet me… I’m always ready to play with my feather bird wand to which I “ekekekekh” to call it down to me which is very adorable

I love windows and balconies with fresh air and search for sunny spots to flop over and groom. So a catio, a tall cat tree by a window, or access to a beam of sunshine is great. I am always ready for balcony time –I listen for the sound of it sliding open and stop whatever I was doing before. I enjoy being held and gently stroked on a sunny balcony.

I’d do well in a household that appreciates and caters to both my adventurous and affectionate, sensitive side. To occupy my big personality, I would love to have a playmate such as another cat but might do well with other animals too. I am probably open to harnessed adventure walks too in a backyard.

Please note: Sal is still working on his manners.  He will pick up your hand or leg or anything else in his mouth when he doesn’t get attention or is overstimulated.  This is very typical for some cats, but he will need help to redirect. This type of behaviour is not suited for young children.  He will need an owner who can help him learn that playtime is for toys or other cats, not hands.  We will only accept applications where you are either adopting two cats or already have a feline friend at home.  He needs the company and a mentor to help him learn his manners.  (CCAR ID: C22-094)