• Name: Mara Jade
  • Breed: domestic
  • Coat: short haired
  • Colour: calico
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Female
  • Spayed/Neutered: No
  • Age: 10 wks; DOB: 01May22
  • July 9, 2022

About Mara Jade

Hi, I’m Mara Jade. I am a force sensitive kitten who has worked for the emperors’ hand but later became I Jedi Master who sat upon the Jedi high council. I am very good at carrying out my litter box missions and reporting to my supervisors when it’s time to eat. I love a good cuddle and a high spot to perch and check out my surroundings. I am a master at playful paw to paw combat with my siblings as well as my foster family and their 2 small kids.  (CCAR ID: C22-102)