• Name: Liam
  • Breed: domestic
  • Coat: short haired
  • Colour: blue-grey-white
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Age: 5 month; DOB: 30JUL17
  • December 21, 2017

About Liam

Literally rescued from death row, Liam and his brother were in rough shape when they arrived in care.  With a shattered tail, torn ear, and being mostly deaf from a severe ear infection, he set about the business of surviving with determination.  And although most of his hearing has come back, he still has a hearing impairment and MUST be an indoor-only kitty for his own safety.

Luckily, his rough start doesn’t seem to have left him with any trust or anxiety issues.  He is probably the sweetest, most lovable little kitty-boy you will ever meet. He loves to cuddle and pretty much loves everybody and everything, except perhaps small children with loud voices.  But his sweet, trusting nature could also be his downfall if he were ever allowed to be an outdoor kitty, as he operates under the assumption that everybody also loves him.  His typical response to another cat hissing and growling at him is to think they must need some kisses and to run over and try to lick their face.  Our resident male cat was at first angry, then confused, and is now just resigned to being licked.

Liam is actually a bit puppy-ish in his behaviour, as one of his favorite things to do is play in the sink with water.  He will actually come running whenever he hears the sink water running.  He would likely get along with any other pets, so long as they were tolerant of his oddball ways.  He would benefit most from being around a tolerant older cat who can continue teaching him cat manners.

Another thing to be aware of with Liam is that even in a space you think is perfectly safe, if there is any conceivable way to become trapped, stuck, or tangled he will find it.  He would likely be safest in a home where he is not alone for long periods of time, at least until you’re sure he’s safe in the space.  Also, because of his love for water, you’ll want to keep your toilet lids closed at all times.  The shattered tail makes him a bit of a clumsy jumper, and he doesn’t climb at all, at least not yet.

In addition to being a sweetie, he is also a handsome boy.  He looks like he has a bit of Russian Blue in his ancestry, which has given him his gorgeous plush silver-blue coat, which sheds very little.