• Name: Charlie
  • Breed: Labradoodle
  • Coat: Curly
  • Colour: Blonde
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Age: 10 Years
  • January 7, 2016

About Charlie

Charlie is a very sweet and gentle blind boy who is looking for a new forever home after his owner died. The first few days in his foster home he was quite confused about where he was and how to navigate around the strange house without sight, but he is very smart and within a week he had gained the confidence to have the run of the house on his own. He knows all his basic manners and will sit, lie down, stay, come, wait for his food and walks very well on leash.

Charlie is good in the car and loves to go for walks. Forest walks with big roots and rocks would be difficult for him but he does well on pavement and on trails. He loves to run free on the beach or on open grass and comes bounding back to your familiar voice. In unfamiliar places he has learned to respond to cues such as ‘stop’ if he is about to run into something, “step up (or down)” when he comes to steps or curbs.

Charlie is very social, loves people and adores and returns all the love and attention that he can get. He is understandably a little shy of strange dogs but quickly warms up to them if they are polite, and he is fine with cats. He loves his food and needs to lose some weight, his only vice is that he will steal food if it is left within reach. Sweet Charlie boy would do very well in a relatively quiet, predictable house and attaches quickly to his special person.

Charlie likely will require twice daily eye drops for the rest of his life. CCAR will consider helping out with the cost of these meds (which are not expensive) if necessary. Charlie is having dental work Tuesday, Jan, 12th.