• Name: Tango
  • Breed: DSH
  • Coat: Short
  • Colour: Black and white
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Age: Approx 5 years
  • August 25, 2016

About Tango

Tango is a very handsome fellow, as you can see, and he has a lovely personality. He is very “low maintenance” – he’s a quick study, very social, extremely fastidious, does not scratch, does not bite, does not overeat, and will jump up on your lap and even give ‘kisses’ on occasion.

Tango is fully litter trained and does not require any special care, other than that he needs to eat a specific brand/type of food (Science Diet S/D or Hill’s Urinary SO) due to having a blockage last year. It is possible that he can eventually progress to a mixture of regular food with the special diet, as he has not shown any signs of a blockage recurrence. He does not require any medications, has been neutered and has had all his shots.

Tango has a solid frame, and he is fit. He is also quite athletic, able to jump up to high sinks with very small ledges (after his treatment, we were encouraged to get him to drink as much water as possible, so while we wouldn’t normally sanction this so-called bad behaviour, he is allowed to drink from the bathroom taps whenever he wants, and he very much enjoys this privilege!) He loves being petted, and will flop down next to you and roll on his back, or sometimes jump on your lap if he thinks he is not getting enough attention! He always seems happy and has a lovely purr. Tango likes to welcome you with a meow or two, and occasionally he can be quite chatty, usually when someone has forgotten to feed him on schedule…

Tango is not terribly fond of being left alone for any extended period on the occasions when no-one is around (who is?) But just to be contradictory, he is a cat after all, he does like to grab some down-time catnaps every day, and he is often happy to just sit on the patio or by a window and watch the world go by…. He is best described as an adaptor who will fit in well in any loving home. However, he will not share his humans with other cats or dogs.Turbo1