• Name: Summer
  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Coat: Medium
  • Colour: Tabby Brown and Black with White
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Age: One Year Old (DOB March 10, 2022)
  • May 21, 2023

About Summer

🐾 Meet Summer: Your Perfect Feline Supervisor! 🐾

Are you looking for a furry friend who can keep an eye on things and provide endless entertainment? Look no further because Summer is here, ready to become your adorable feline supervisor! Let us tell you why Summer is the perfect addition to your home:

1️⃣ Always by Your Side: Summer loves being close to you and keeping an eye on everything you do. Whether you’re cooking up a storm or relaxing on the couch, Summer will be your faithful companion, making sure you never feel alone.

2️⃣ A Gourmet Connoisseur: If you’re a foodie, Summer is your perfect match! This food-loving feline will be extra attentive when you’re in the kitchen, hoping for a tasty treat. Sharing a meal with Summer is an experience you won’t want to miss.

3️⃣ Purr-fect Cuddles: When it comes to affection, Summer takes the cake. Even before you’ve had a chance to pet them, they’ll start purring, signaling their love and contentment. Get ready for endless snuggles and heartwarming moments.

4️⃣ Toy Enthusiast: If you’re in need of entertainment, Summer is the ultimate playmate. They are particularly fond of toys that move, and their favorite game is chasing the laser pointer. Get ready for hours of laughter and fun together!

5️⃣ Summer is currently living with her sister Nymeria and although they would like to stay together, it is not essential but ideally, if they are adopted separately, having another cat in the house would really help any adjustment.

6️⃣ Conversationalist Extraordinaire: With Summer around, you’ll always have a chat buddy. They will let you know if dinner is running late or if there’s a mischievous fly buzzing around. Get ready for hilarious and adorable conversations!

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring Summer into your life. Embrace the love, laughter, and endless cuddles that this incredible feline supervisor has to offer. Adopt Summer today and discover a world of joy!

🐾 Adopt Summer, the Supervising Whisker Wonder! 🐾

Summer’s CCAR ID # is S23-012.

(Please note that Nymeria is also currently posted for adoption. Summer is the ‘browner’ cat with not much white on her face.)